Electric Fireplaces

These fireplaces are gaining popularity and it’s easy to see why. Electric units require zero maintenance and release no pollution into the air. Today’s electric fireplaces are able to produce artificial flames that look convincingly real. Even better, they are completely portable, so you can take these fireplaces with you, should you decide to move. No chimney? No problem. The only extra you’ll need with an electric fireplace is a wall outlet and a room that needs heating. If you live in an apartment or condominium, an electric fireplace is the perfect focal point to any room.


  • Easiest fireplace product to install – just plug it in.
  • Portable.
  • Convenient.
  • Can be “installed” by anyone, no training required.
  • Ideal for apartments, condominiums, lobbies, etc.


  • Not as realistic looking.
  • Lower heat output.


  • How would you describe the look of an electric fireplace?

    The illusion of a wood fire is created by optic technology with a rotating flame and a glowing area that resembles embers. The fireplace can be accented with wooden cabinets, stone, marble, brick and many other choices to finish off the design.

  • Is there any heat created by fireplaces that are electric?

    Yes, but not always. Every electric product from hearth has a heater. The heater can be turned on and off whenever you want. The fire itself can still be one without the heater. It is possible for the fireplace to create 240 volts with an output of 10,000 BTU’s for the heat of the unit.

  • Will the electric fireplaces have doors on them?

    There are a lot of options with usable doors. The options include different fronts, trims, finishing features and doors. The 36-inch model has the most available options.

  • My electric fireplace needs new light bulbs, where can I find replacements?

    You can find replacement bulbs online and by phone – www.litehouse.com and 1-800-838-0977 (this website is not associated with Wisconsin Fireplaces). The model of bulb you will need is the SL58884 from Lite House. You can also buy from Sylvania, model 75Q/CL/RP or from SATCO model 53157.

  • Is it easy to install an electric fireplace?

    The process is relatively simple. It is not necessary to have gas or venting lines. This will save you a lot of money since you do not need different supplies and labor that would be associated with venting/gas lines. Also, an electrician can hardwire the unit in just a few hours.

  • How safe are electric fireplaces?

    The fireplace burns clean and will not place fumes and dampness in the air. Also, we rest all our units so that meet the UL standards. If the fireplace is overheating the unit will shut its self off, this scenario is very uncommon.

  • How much money will I spend when using my electric fireplace?

    Typically, the rate per hour to run flames is 2 cents and rate per hour to have the heater and flames on is 22 cents per hour. You can set the thermostat at the ideal temperature, this will make sure the heater is only on when it needs to be. This function can lower the cost of having the fireplace by 50% or higher.

  • Can you explain the phrase zero clearance?

    There are 2 different meanings for zero clearance. 1. A fireplace that can sit without any special footing is considered as zero clearance. 2. The fireplace should not show any metal once the installation has happened, this creates a clean face look. Every fireplace that we manufacture is zero clearance. Your local dealer can give you even more information on what models are zero clearance.

  • Is it possible to install an insert, stove or fireplace by myself?

    We highly suggest that a licensed technician should be the one who installs any of our products. There are also different standards that need to be following in order for the hearth products to meeting local and national codes for buildings. Also, it is important to adhere to the installation manual.

  • What does the cost of my fireplace, stove and insert cover? Will this cost cover installation?

    The price listed on our website (MSRP) only covers the fireplace itself. Anything additional items or installation will be additional. For example, fronts and electrical connectors will all be an extra cost.

  • Where can I locate the model number?

    First, you will need to find the rating plate. This plate will have the model and serial number on it. This plate is typically found in the lower cavity for controls or on the operating door.

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