Gas Direct Vent

If you need a gas fireplace that accurately mimics the look a natural fire, look no further than a direct-vented system. These fireplaces are extremely energy efficient and eliminate 100% of exhaust fumes in the home. You don’t even need a chimney, as venting can be routed to an exterior wall of the home. Direct vent fireplaces pull fresh air from outside the home and direct it towards the firebox inside. This improves interior air quality and allows warmth to distribute evenly. You can install these systems in nearly any room for the perfect gathering spot.


  • Can be installed virtually anywhere in the house.
  • Air-tight construction eliminates air quality concerns in home.
  • Maintains indoor air quality.
  • Many direct vent products are efficient enough to be listed as furnaces.
  • Eliminates the need for a chimney and chase – less expensive installation.
  • More flexibility in installation such as under windows or as a room divider.
  • Instant ambiance with the touch of a button.
  • More authentic look due to sealed combustion chamber, allows for flame-out-of-logs.
  • 100% of combustion air comes from outside the home and 100% of the exhaust is expelled outside the home – direct vents do not interfere with indoor air quality – doesn’t use already heated room air for combustion air.


  • No “direct” access to the flames due to sealed combustion fireplace.


  • Is my direct vent required to be on an outside wall?

    Because of today’s advanced venting options, it is not necessary that your vent be placed on an outside wall – any wall in your home will do. The professionals at Fireside Hearth & Home would be happy to discuss vertical and horizontal vent termination options so that you can choose what will work best in your home.

  • Does my direct vent fireplace glass stop heat from entering the room?

    No, quite the opposite. Your fireplace glass actually keeps warm air in your home, rather than letting it escape through your flue. Your direct vent fireplace is designed to intake air through its lower grill and returning the hot air into the room through the top grill.

  • For direct vent gas fireplaces, can I take the glass off of my gas fireplace?

    All direct vent models need to be sealed in order to function properly, therefore you cannot remove this glass.

  • How does my gas fireplace or insert vent?

    Most of the models sold at Fireside Hearth & Home utilize a direct vent (DV) venting system. DV appliances feature fixed glass on the front, sealing in the firebox and gas burner from your interior air. With this system, all of the combustion air is pulled through a coaxial pipe, with in additional filter, from outside of your home. Direct vents can be customized to your preferences, whether you’d like them to vent through the roof or horizontally through an exterior wall.

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