Installation Procedures


Fireside Hearth & Home wants to make sure your new gas fireplace provides many years of enjoyment. To help give you a great start, we recommend a professional fireplace technician installs, tests, and performs any gas pressure adjustments.


The Fireside Hearth & Home Gas Fireplace Installation Process

Fireside Hearth & Home employs our own exclusive installation crews, who are factory-trained and certified by the National Fireplace Institute. All installations are performed per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations and to conform to all local and state codes.


The installation process consists of:



The Preview is the first step in the installation process and is scheduled the day you purchase your fireplace. A previewer will visit your home and inspect the area where the fireplace will be installed. He will also review your fireplace selection and the quote you were given at the time of the sale, write a final proposal, and schedule your installation date. This process will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour. You (the homeowner) must be present for the Preview.



It will take approximately three non-consecutive days to install your fireplace. Time must be allowed for inspections, running gas lines, and in some cases framing and sheetrocking. Additional factors to consider when determining how quickly your installation can proceed include:

  • Your schedule
  • The number of inspections required
  • How long it takes to receive special orders and custom parts (if needed)
  • Previous Installations on the same day
  • The weather

Your Installation will be scheduled within a two hour time frame. We are unable to pinpoint a specific time because your installer may be working on several jobs in different locations on the same day.



A gas fireplace must sit with an air pressure test before being inspected to ensure that the air pressure holds and all fittings are tight. The inspector will need to see the interior work of the fireplace and the Installation Manual provided to you by the manufacturer. Your installers will schedule the inspection, making sure to request a date and time that is convenient for you.



When your inspection has been completed, call your installer and schedule a time for your Start-Up. The installer will return to your home and remove the pressure test equipment, connect the gas line, and start up your fireplace. At this time, the installer will discuss general operation, features, and the manufacturer-recommended Annual 12-Point Safety and Maintenance Inspection of your fireplace. They will also cover starting the pilot, the Burn-Off Procedure, and how to clean the glass door(s) to keep them looking new.


Initial Break-in Procedure

When you light the appliance, you may notice that it produces heat which does have an associated odor or smell. If you feel this odor is excessive it may require the initial three to four hour continuous burn on high followed by a second burn up to 12 hours to fully drive off any odor from paint and lubricants used in the manufacturing process. Condensation of the glass is normal.

NOTE: The appliance should be run three to four hours on the initial start-up. Turn it off and let it cool completely. Remove and clean the glass. Replace the glass and run the appliance for an additional 12 hours. This will help to cure the products used in the paint and logs. During this break-in period it is recommended that some windows in the house be opened for air circulation. This will help avoid setting off smoke detectors, and help eliminate any odors associated with the appliance’s initial burning.


Enjoy your new fireplace!


If you have further questions regarding the operation of your fireplace or would like information about optional accessories, contact us at