Fireside Hearth and Home offers a complete assortment of fireplace services in Wisconsin to make your fireplace purchase a pleasant experience.

Selection Process

Whether you are remodeling your home or building a new home, we have a simple selection process perfect for you. It starts by visiting our store and meeting with one of our friendly sales representatives who will help you determine which fireplace is right for your home. Whether its gas, wood, pellet or electric, we will help you pick the perfect fireplace or hearth product. A site visit can also be scheduled during this time. Our previewer will visit your home and inspect the area where the fireplace will be installed. Most fireplaces from selection to install can take place within two to three weeks from the time of your order.


Fireside Hearth and Home stores use factory certified installers for all remodeling projects. When completing any of our fireplace installation services in Wisconsin, the expert technicians from Fireside Hearth & Home treat your home as if it were their own by protecting the area of installation. All necessary permits and inspections are applied and scheduled through Fireside Hearth and Home. Once the installation is completed, a start-up visit is scheduled.

What is a start up service?

This service happens after we’ve installed your new gas fireplace. If it’s a newly remodeled home, we’ll Our friendly technicians will show you how to correctly and safely maintain and operate your brand new fireplace. If it is a new home, this service is done after the gas and electrical are connected to the home, usually right before you move into your new home. Our technician will ensure the fireplace is clean and working properly. In either type of installation our technician will make sure your fireplace is set up and working properly for your enjoyment. Some people will install the fireplace themselves and have us do this service to make sure they did it correctly ensure proper installation.

For future service requests, please contact the store nearest you.


If you are experiencing an issue with your fireplace or hearth product, Fireside Hearth & Home provides comprehensive fireplace repair services that Wisconsin homeowners have relied on for years. Our specialists will expertly diagnose and remedy any technical or mechanical issue you may be having, as well as provide solutions to ensure that these types of issues do not occur in the future. Contact the Fireside Hearth & Home nearest you to schedule a repair appointment today.

Annual Maintenance Program

Fireside Hearth & Home offers a complete, multi-point Annual Maintenance Program to insure the long continued operation of your gas or pellet hearth appliance. Your fireplace is no different than any other appliance in your home and should be regularly maintained. Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance and we are happy to help. Most people who take advantage of this service do so before it gets cold, making sure their fireplace is in peak operating performance for those cold winter nights. We also provide comprehensive fireplace repair services that Wisconsin homeowners can rely on if they’re having any issues with their hearth.

Below are the key areas we focus on in performing our annual maintenance services where applicable:

Step 1 – Check Termination for Proper Clearances and Obstructions.

Step 2 – Protect Work Area.

Step 3 – Check Gas Assembly (If Applicable) for Leaks and Pressure.

Step 4 – Check Pilot/Thermopile/Control Board (If Applicable)

Step 5 – Check Connections for Loose Wiring or Bad Connections

Step 6 – Check Burner or Firepot System and Replace Embers or Vermiculite as Needed

Step 7 – Logs (If Applicable) and Grate for Correct Placement.

Step 8 – Glass Inspection for Clarity and Gasketing

Step 9 – Inspect Heat Exchanger and Clean if Necessary

Step 10 – Touch Up Paint as Needed

Step 11 – Test Burn –Final Review

  • Check Flame for Appearance
  • Confirm Proper Ignition
  • Confirm all Clearances to Mantels, Walls, Furniture, etc.
  • Does it Meet Our Appearance and Function Expectations?

Step 12 – Review Care & Operations with Homeowner (if present)